The Peace Of Mind Is Priceless

Atlanta Computer Pros provides our business uninterrupted operation without down time or inconvenient computer system issues. They deliver at a very reasonable cost for IT managed services at this level.

Our systems are managed and operate so well, we hardly know Atlanta Computer Pros is on the job. The peace of mind that gives me is priceless. We can focus on our business with worry free operation.

The consolidation and integration of the Server they recommended for us, allowed the deletion of multiple servers that were not the best equipment for our needs.

Trust what Scott tells you regarding what your needs are and let him take the reins and get to work. Your IT worries will be gone!

Rusty Moody Rusty Moody President
Frank Betz Associates

We Rely On Atlanta Computer Pros To Provide Us Guidance

At GEEARS, we rely on Atlanta Computer Pros to provide us guidance on best practices regarding our data and to keep us networked and functional no matter where we are.

When we went remote due to Covid, we had full access to our files and were networked via Microsoft TEAMS. Due to the foresight of Atlanta Computer Pros, which had prepared us for all contingencies, we experienced no downtime through the transition to new working conditions.

Mindy Binderman Mindy Binderman Executive Director

I Am Sure You Will Not Be Disappointed

Over the past 10 years, Atlanta Computer Pros Has seen us grow from 8 employees to 20, with a good bit of turnover. Throughout this time, they have done a great job of keeping our team live and connected.

Our school relies on computer connectivity year-round and with the assistance of Atlanta Computer Pros and their quick, online, and remote services, we are able to continue with our business as usual.

Give Atlanta Computer Pros a shot and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Philip Ross Philip Ross Executive Director
Bright Futures Altanta

We Need A Trusted Adviser To Keep Us Functioning

Atlanta Computer Pros is our “in-house” IT provider. In addition to handling everything we ask them to, they regularly bring emerging ideas and issues to our attention that would never have been on our radar. We are more reliant on technology now than ever, but risks are also at an all-time high. Atlanta Computer Pros helps us be successful in this complex IT world.

As our business relies more and more on a variety of technologies, we lean on Atlanta Computer Pros to find the right solutions specifically for us. We have 100% confidence in Atlanta Computer Pros—they’re not trying to upsell or do anything extraneous.

The complexities of our IT world are such that we need a trusted adviser to keep us functioning optimally and to protect our business.  Bringing Atlanta Computer Pros on was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Brad Schweers Brad Schweers Executive Director
Intown Collaborative Ministries